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World First online commercial store Which is based on

Helping You Help Others

AboutHelp Are Us

The primary goal of establishing Help Are Us is to lift underprivileged communities. We act as an intermediate between privileged and needy individuals and develop a direct relationship between both communities to bridge the gap. We guarantee that your contribution will reach the poor with complete traceability. Our custom offer enables you to send our products to the needy ones in your circle with an instant order tracking facility. Help Are Us is an online purpose-built commercial store working in line with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP's) sustainable development 2030 goals that convince privileged individuals to come forward and help underprivileged people by ensuring genuine prices, the highest possible quality, and traceability.

Our Vision

Help Are Us envisions a world where privileged and underprivileged communities are seamlessly connected. Our mission aligns with the United Nations Development Program's sustainable development goals for 2030, urging privileged individuals to contribute by ensuring genuine prices, the highest quality, and complete traceability. Through strategic partnerships with vendors worldwide, we maintain lower prices, covering a diverse range of products and services to empower underprivileged communities. Our vision is to foster direct relationships, bridging the gap between privilege and need, and facilitating positive change on a global scale.

Our Mission

At Help Are Us, our mission is to provide convenience and peace of mind for our customers. We strive to make the purchase process simple, offering a diverse array of carefully selected products and services. From food to ration packs, zabiha to marriage, education to employment, and beyond, we aim to meet the needs of individuals and communities. Our commitment to affordability and quality is unwavering. We have streamlined the order process into three easy steps, allowing customers to track deliveries with ease. With free doorstep delivery worldwide, our mission is clear: 'helping you help others.' Place your order today, experience the best prices without compromising on product quality, and let us be your reliable helping hand.

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